Are You Interested In Partnering With Profit Pod?

Our mission is to help at least 100,000 small businesses to improve their profit by at least 20% over 12 months by 2020. We are looking to collaborate with other businesses that share a vision in wanting to help small businesses to profitably THRIVE.


We will be in future making available an affiliate programme where you can earn yourself commission simply for referring others to Profit Pod.

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In order to get the global reach required to make the desired difference, we are actively looking to get key distribution sponsors on board for the platform, who have aligned values and objectives for helping small businesses to become more financially savvy and to improve their profit.

We are aiming to have 7 country specific sponsors across the following categories:

  1. Banking
  2. Small business insurance
  3. Media - (Newspaper/Television)
  4. Mobile phone
  5. SME Support
  6. SME Service Providers
  7. Accounting Software Provider

To be considered for one of these key sponsor positions – you must have an active customer database greater than 50,000 small business customers. Together we will actively explore creative ways for helping to ensure that the interests of you, your customers, our users and us are aligned, whether it be through exclusive deals, cross referrals or otherwise.  All sponsors will be offered prominent position on the home page of the website for their logo and direct clickable links through to their website.

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We look forward to working together for mutual benefit with you.

To our collective profitable success!

Profit Pod Team